Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kalyan Jewellers - A Golden Enigma From South

For Indians, all that glitters may not be Gold, but all that invested could mean Gold !!! Indians for ages have been obsessed with gold, this was evident from the recent discovery of a virtual gold mine at Shree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Capital of Kerala which ran into multiple thousand crore rupees (estimated to be around Rs. 1,00,000 cr.....!!! I don't even know how many zeroes it would mean   !!!) 

One more southern phenomenon seems on track to paint Mumbai city GOLDEN and that phenomenon could perhaps be called "Kalyan Jewellers". The entire launch or rather the game plan seems to be tracked from a single article in Economic Times dated 23rd Jan 2013 ( 

Mr T S Kalyanaraman seems to have set his focus on cities outside the Southern States and surely must have a set plan for it. Whatever his plan maybe, it seems to be a huge one, for firstly he has roped two biggest names from Bollywood.......Mr Amitabh Bachan & Mrs Junior Bachan. Now with Big B, would surely mean Big M (M for Money) and the same thing for Aishwarya Rai-Bachan. 

Sorry .....couldn't find the Mumbai version of the print AD

Aishwarya seen in Kalyan Jewellers Print AD all accross Mumbai

What more....!!! Susmita Sen also seems to be roped by Kalyan Jewellers some point of time.

Susmita surely looks stunning in this AD.... !!!

What has been following is countless AD's on TV, Radio & Print, few locations seems to be totally pasted golden with Kalyan Jewellers banners on both sides of the road. Now, according to report they would be starting three outlets in Mumbai, namely at Borivali, Thane & Vashi, also reportedly advertised with having "Huge Parking Space". Again, the choice of the locations seems to be amazing considering they have one outlet on Central, Western & Harbour lines, indeed Mr T Y Kalyanaraman has a good team working with him.

The USP of Kalyan Jewellers seems to be "being transparent & low pricing" as they always seems to advertise for checking the Gold Making charges & BIS certifications on the jewellery items. Some industry people may also accuse him of ruining the industry profits, but as consumers we may put it as "ruining his competitors". A country hit hard by politics and ever rising inflation would certainly like things cheaper, if not Gold itself but atleast the making charges would put smiles on a few faces.

The course seem to be set for Kalyan Jewellers launch in Mumbai city and the three outlets would be opening on 24th March 2013 by the featured bollywood stars themselves. The final story of Kalyan Jewellers would perhaps be decided by Mumbaikars, but with the right merchandise mix & penetration pricing, they surely would be on a path to success. 

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